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Since December 2003, Le Potager du Marais remake French traditional Food in a Vegan style. It’s a bridge between two cultures and attempts to combine the better of the one and the other. Care is taken of local and seasonal dimension of our needs. Our products are 100% vegan and natural with many gluten-free options. Our partners are mainly from organic agriculture and fair trade.

We were good living, good living we’ll stay but not at any conditions. Our time is critical for Humanity, the health and the environment. When we realized the Animal suffering produced by our intensive diet, we wanted to demonstrate that it was possible to find alternatives at all animal products and keep the pleasure of the taste French Food, keep the best of Yesterday for a better Tomorrow. Our Food is the harmony of Authenticity, Nature and Taste.

Looking forward to please and inspire you toward a vegan world!

Team of Le Potager du Marais.


"If we want to ensure the sustainability and growth of the human species on the planet, we need to build new models of society that places human beings and nature in the heart of priorities. First of all, this perennial society must healthily feed its population, preserve and regenerate the natural environment and recreate the link between humans and nature, with the aim imposed on our consciousness, in the most rigorous way the fate of future generations. "
Pierre Rabhi - extract from "To the happy sobriety" (Acte sud Edition April 2013)
Initiator of Colibri Movement (Hummingbirds), recognized international expert in the fight against desertification, Pierre Rabhi is one of the pioneers of ecological agriculture in France. Since 1981, it transmits its expertise in Africa seeking to restore food self-sufficiency to the poor and to save their nurturing heritage.